Facebook Changes:What the Experts are Saying

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If you don’t think that Facebook has become an integral part of our social culture,

take a look at it this morning! More importantly, take a look at what your friends are saying about the changes. My goodness, you would think they had redrawn school district lines or something J


It is, indeed, a bit confusing at first, I agree, but then, change usually is. If you move to a new town or get a new job (both of which can be good things), you have to learn your way around again. Just like in those cases, it’s always a good idea to consult with an expert on the matter to help you avoid any pitfalls and save you the time of reinventing the wheel. To that end, here are some posts I liked about the changes to your personal profile and about some changes for those of you who, like me, maintain a Facebook page for your business or non-profit in addition to your personal profile.


For your profile changes, check out SocialBuzzTV.com’s post.

For information about your Facebook page, check out Soshable.com’s post .

 And, of course, always on the edge of these things, the always timely John Haydon

As you move through this new territory, remember-change can be good.



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