Does your organization face issues reconciling

financial differences between

the development office and the business office?


Whose numbers are right?


Why are they different?


Is your staff wasting time...

by having to enter the same information

twice in two places?

Financial Edge Integration

To fully unlock the power of and maximize your investment in Blackbaud’s software, integration is crucial. Many organizations that have both the Raiser’s Edge and the Financial Edge believe that integration “won’t work for them.” However, with the proper guidance and understanding of the two systems, integration can be very successful!
At Leading Edge, we speak “both languages” and can facilitate conversations and planning to assure a successful integration. Once we have a plan in place, Leading Edge can guide you through the implementation process and train staff on how to effectively use it. Everybody really can have what they want and get what they need (and expected!) from these powerful products.
When properly implemented, integration can return valuable staff time to mission by:

  • Eliminating duplicate data entry

  • Simplifying month/year end reconciliation

  • Providing clean audit trails

  • Increasing transparency to key stakeholders

  • Improving interdepartmental communication and collaboration

If you would like to be able to:

  • View a Raiser’s Edge gift in the Financial Edge

  • See expenses charged to a Raiser’s Edge Appeal/Event in the Financial Edge

  • Assure that Gift changes made in the Raiser’s Edge will automatically flow to the Financial Edge

  • Run an Income Statement in Financial Edge based on a Raiser’s Edge Appeal or Event