In all data extraction functions in the Raiser’s Edge (Mail, Reports, Export)  that can display address and/or phone information, you have options (Address Processing) to chose which address and/or phone information to use for that mailing, Report, or Export. Step 4 of any address processing set-up always says:

“Specify what to do if no address is found,” which begs the question:

What exactly does the Raiser’s Edge consider a “valid” address ?

Is it looking at the Has No Valid Address box on the Bio1?

Nope, that box is a Constituent level filter, controlling which Constituents are included. You update that field manually, as needed.

Address Processing is all about which Address should be used.

Is it checking for address accuracy, like proper spelling or ZIP code formatting?

No, you need additional optional services for that.

Is it filtering out blank addresses?


What IS a valid address in the Raiser’s Edge, Miss Sandy???

Quite simply, an address record in the Raiser’s Edge is considered valid if it meets two conditions:

The Send Mail to this Address box is checked


The Valid To Date is either blank or after today

It’s that simple!


Keep in mind that the Raiser’s Edge only checks for these conditions to be met on the addresses that meet the criteria (like types and attributes) you’ve established earlier in the process. Be mindful that unless these 2 conditions are met, it will not use or display that address-or any of the phone numbers associated with it-including emails (unless you override Address Processing in Step 4, which is not recommended).

So, if someone appears in your Mailing or Report with no address or phone number/email, even though the record “looks” fine, check the Address record for these 2 conditions to be met-first thing. It’s quite possible that some well-meaning, uninformed soul unchecked the Send Mail to this Address box or entered a Date To on the Preferred Address record, instead of marking the Has No Valid Address box, as they should have.

Keeping you on the Leading Edge,