Query results got you seeing double? Duplicates in your results are usually caused by one of 2 things.

The first is using one-to-many fields in your Criteria or Output-fields that could exist many times on one record, like Gift fields. Check your Output to make sure you only are using only one-to-one fields.

The 2nd most common cause is choosing the wrong Query type. Just because you need to Query on gift fields doesn’t mean you want to group gift records. Usually, it’s the giver (the donor) you want in the group, not the actual gift (a copy of the check.) Make sure you’re asking the Raiser’s Edge or the Financial Edge to group the right record type.

Finally, check your Query Options under Tools, Reocrd Processing to make sure that Suppress Duplicates is marked. 

Still got double vision? Shoot me an email; I’ll be happy to help!


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