Did you know you can enter dates into the Raiser’s Edge or the Financial Edge without ever leaving your keyboard? In all date fields in both systems, the following keyboard shortcuts will enter a date:

  • F3 will enter today’s date
  • F7 will open a calendar. Once you are in the calendar, you can scroll from month to month by clicking on the month name. You can also scroll year to year by clicking right beside the year field.
  • In addition, if the date you need to enter is in the current month and year, all you have to enter is the day number! So, if it’s April 2012, and you want the date to be April 20, 1208, then in any date field, simply enter “20”. When you use your tab key to move to the next field, the system will automatically complete it with “04/20/2012”! (Based on your system’s clock).

How cool is that?