My heart weeps when I hear my clients say, “Oh, Sandy,

we can’t use the Label function in Raiser’s Edge in Mail. We use a mailing house for that.” The poor, lowly label is so overlooked in the Raiser’s Edge! Nobody seems to know what a hardworking, action packed tool it is. AND, thanks to the handy dandy Preview button, you don’t even have to actually, physically print the labels to take advantage of all the other additional functions.


Making thoughtful use and taking full advantage of the following tabs on the label:

  • General
  • Filters
  • Attributes
  • Segment

Can reap the following rewards:

  • Creating queries for use elsewhere in the Raiser’s Edge
  • Eliminating the need for a query to create the label
  • Automating global functions (to add, update, or delete information to a group of records)
  • Automating the merging of queries by removing duplicate records across multiple segments


The following fields are available for automatic filtering from the label for Constituent records (meaning no query required!!):

  • Head of household
  • Deceased
  • Inactive
  • No valid address
  • Date last changed
  • Solicit codes
  • Constituent codes
  • Constituent attributes
  • Additional filter fields are available for filtering when creating labels for different record types (Relationships, Participants)


All of that, Sandy, from the lowly little Raiser’s Edge label! Yes indeedy! So, I’d encourage you to revisit the lowly, little label. It’s not so lowly after all, is it?