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The first verb in the mission statement for the Leading Edge is Inspire.

Inspiring my clients -by giving them a fresh perspective on the Raiser’s Edge and by reminding them how much I respect their work-is an integral part of my message and efforts. To that end, I’ve launched a new blog category-Inspriation Found- to share other posts that I’ve found inspiring in the hope that they may inspire you, too. This category has evolved unexpectedly on it’s own-presenting itself to me with hand raised, asking to be used. I guess you could say I was inspired to use it:) It actually began with my earlier post citing Lori Jacobwith’s  inspirational piece.

Today, I’m particularly taken with a post on the American Express Open Forum by  Chris Brogan. His post speaks directly to the “interactive” nature of social media, which is an aspect I think far too many people overlook-in other words, they don’t “get it”. It’s not all about you (or me).  If we follow Chris’s suggestions for how to become a “Go To Guy” online, we will, in fact, become interactive, civic-minded, helpful members of this online community.  He states, “Your goal must be to serve as a key person with the goal of being helpful.” Now, that is a mouthful! Thanks, Chris, for some inspiring tips and reminders!

Personally, I’d rather be seen (and heard), whether in life or online, as a responsive, helping hand than a constant self-promoter. How about you?


Non-profit news:Handle with CARE:Then & Now(, @gailperry!

Thanks to Gail Perry for tweeting about this heart warming article in the New York Times. Gail’s tweet was about CARE’s online fundraising. It’s also an interesting history of the term “CARE package” and a wonderfully personal story about their impact,especially during WWII. If you could use a little lift in your spirits, give  it a quick read! Thanks, Gail, for lifting mine!

Don’t you just love peanut butter? I do!


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