What a great way to say thank you!! #blkbre #annualgiving

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I just LOVED this clever idea shared by the folks at The Annual Giving Network from Humboldt State University! I will definitely be sharing it with my private school and higher ed little lambs! Check out the clever name they’ve given to their group of student callers 🙂

Would you know the best way to track these hand written Donor Acknowledgement Letters in the Raiser’s Edge?

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LESSons from LESS: Delete multiple queries #blkbre

LESSons from LESS: Summaries in the Raiser’s Edge #blkbre


I’m a big fan of using what you know to figure out what you don’t know. Likewise, I’m big on things that work the same way or mean the same thing everywhere you see them, especially in the Raiser’s Edge. (There’s that consistency thing againJ). So, you can only imagine my utter delight with and total affection for the Sigma button in the Raiser’s Edge.


If you remember waaayyyyyy back to your Accounting 101 days, you’ll recall that the Greek letter Sigma is universally recognized as a Sum function. Even if you never took  accounting, you’re probably familiar with it in Excel, where it also means AutoSum. It should come as no surprise then, that in the Raiser’s Edge, when you see the Sigma on the toolbar, it represents the opportunity to produce some kind of Summary for the record you are currently viewing. How cool is that?


It’s available on all top level records in the standard version of the Raiser’s Edge. Time out, Miss Sandy, you promised when we started this way back on A that you wouldn’t do Geek speak, so please explain what a top level record is. It’s simply a record that can survive on its own without being attached to or supported by another record. Top level records in the Raiser’s Edge are:

  • Constituent
  • Campaign
  • Fund
  • Appeal
  • Event (optional module)
  • Job (optional module)


The Giving Summaries have all the usual suspects available for filtering like dates, gift types, and Campaign, Fund, or Appeal (on the Constituent Summary). Additional Participant filters are also available on the Event Summary, if you have the optional Event Management module.


All of the Summaries display metrics that development professionals love, like:

  • First, Latest, Greatest gift
  • Total number of Gifts (Number of Donors on the fundraising summaries)
  • Total given
  • Average, Median, and Mode gift
  • Top Donors by Count or Percentage


In addition, the Appeal Summary can display a Cost Analysis view that displays:

  • Total Cost
  • # Solicited
  • Cost per Solicitation
  • Cost per Response
  • Cost per Dollar Raised

Development types love this stuff!!! Of course, it can only produce these metrics if you’ve entered data on the Attributes/Expenses tab of the Appeal. Even the Raiser’s Edge can’t divide by zero, little lamb 😉


The Giving Summary can break down Total Given by:Thermometer

  • Campaign, Fund or Appeal
  • Calendar or Fiscal year
  • Gift type
  • Solicitor

Additional Summaries available include:

  • Honor/Memorial Summary (on the Constituent record with the optional Tribute module)
  • Solicitor Performance Summary (Constituent)
  • Goal Summary (Campaign, Fund, and Appeal)

The Campaign, Fund, and Appeal Summaries even include a thermometer!!! Who doesn’t LOVE a thermometer???

AND all of these fields are queryable!!!

See why I get so excited about the Sigma button??


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PS All of these are also available under View on the Menu bar if you’re not a Toolbar kind of person 😉