Revolving doors as slowed by author & coach @MarcAPitman

Here’s a great post I loved from Marc Pitman over at The Fundraising While his post is specific to fundraisers and some of their issues, I found it inspiring. I think his advice could be helpful in professionals in any industry. I particularly liked his idea about actively tracking your time by category, since, like Marc, I, too wear many hats. I’ve just made my list of categories! What would your list  include?

Let’s get tracking!


11 Donate Now Best Practices from

The always spot on Heather Mansfield, author of Social Media for Social Good, offers up a great list of best practices when building and maintaining your online donations page. Some of them may surprise you! As a Raiser’s Edge consultant, I was especially pleased to see her number 11 on the list. Take a peek at her suggestions, and then see how your Donate Now button measures up! How did you do?

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